Lacul Morii

In the western part of the city, there is a big lake.
The lake is surrounded by a concrete wall and a dike on which people walk and stroll and watch other people walk and stroll. Young people sit on the edge of the dike and drink beer and watch the drunkards (who are usually much older than the youngsters) swim in the water. Couples of all sort sit on the edge of the concrete dike, too, and watch the architecture in the distance, the movements of the seagulls who fly in circles above the water, they watch other people watch architecture, seagulls and other people and so forth. In the far distance, you can see industrial plants. Down at water-level, some fishermen are fishing. I could not tell what color the eyes of the fish are - maybe yellow, maybe greyish.
Some dead dogs are floating in the water.

But the sun is shining, it is spring, and there is enough good will and energy around for people to enjoy themselves, which is one of the big qualities of the City of Bucur.